Camper: Jacob Palmborg

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Jacob Palmborg is a designer living in Brooklyn, NY who spends more time knee deep in water than most city dwellers I know. On any given day, you might find him diving off the side of a boat into blue waters with his wife Eileen or fly fishing with his handmade rod in…

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Camping in the second trimester

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I wanted to write about my experiences camping while pregnant, but honestly, so far I’ve only been camping in my second trimester. Between a busy work schedule and my general fatigue, I didn’t feel motivated to hit the trail during my first trimester. But with more energy in my second…

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Mile, Mile and a Half

Campers: The Muir Project

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Is there a long backpacking trip that you’ve been dreaming of going on someday? Do you and your friends talk about taking on the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Coast Trail one summer, but you never seem to have enough time to devote to the trip? Well, what if you…

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Photo courtesy of Weekend Babes (

Campers: Weekend Babes

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Meet Carrie and Gabrielle of Weekend Babes, two buds from Los Angeles who spend their off-time wandering near and far. Think about it: if you work a regular 9-to-5 job, there are sixty-four usable hours between when you leave the office on Friday evening and return on Monday morning. That time…

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Photo courtesy of Alex Rapada Photography.

Camper: Alex Rapada

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If you are one of the 34,000+ people who follow Los Angeles-based photographer Alex Rapada on Instagram (@alexrapada), then you’ve seen his beguiling mix of photography: weddings, far off places, and, frequently, camping escapades with his wife Ivy. Just this year, Alex and Ivy have camped in Iceland, Death Valley,…

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Grub: Breakfast in a bag

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There is nothing more luxurious than relighting your campfire in the morning. If you drink your coffee around the crackling fire, by the time the coals are glowing red you’ll be ready for a hearty breakfast. This morning meal is a magical one. Cooked entirely in a paper bag and…

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California and the West

Inspiration: California and the West

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In 1937, photographer Edward Weston and writer Charis Wilson embarked on an epic 35,000 mile journey to make a series of photographs of the West. Their project was funded by a $2,000 grant from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, the first ever Guggenheim grant to a photographer, thanks to…

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Tom Harrison Maps

Gear: Tom Harrison Maps

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I bought my first Tom Harrison Map as the result of heat. We became overheated as we were looking for a trail camp that, on the internet, seemed easy enough to to find. We thought we had a good sense of the mileage, and yet we ended up a mile off the trail, in…

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What to pack and wear for a weekend camping trip.

Camper: Cambra Moniz

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When a Saturday stroll turns into a 14-mile bike ride to the beach, you’ll never hear Cambra Moniz say she can’t go because she’s wearing the wrong shoes. She’s a New York-based stylist for hire, and she’s always ready for an adventure. I’ve personally seen her emerge from her tent in…

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